Friday, June 11, 2010

Charlie Woodburn Session Drumming Resume

Session Drumming Resume

(I am sure there are somethings I have missed here but this covers alot)

Buffalo Roam- 2 shows at the Kibitz Room LA

Sharon Temple- 2 live shows Safari Sams and Bordello LA

Counsellor- Demo recordings / played on KXLU / Several Los Angeles shows

Greg Arrow- 1 song “Now Your Mine” recorded with producer Dennis Moody.

Bell Gardens- Recorded on the Album ‘Hang-ups Need Company’ coming out May 2010 LAWeekly article --

Meredith Meyer- 1 live show at Eagle Rock Lanes, LA

Love Lies Sleeping- 1 live show at Silverlake Lounge, LA

Sam Boxleitner- Rehearsals / Demos

Isha Ersikin- recorded one song “Along time Ago”

Magic Wands- Rehearsals for tour at Swing House, LA

Brandon McCulloch- Demos for newest album. 3 LA shows.

All of us/ None of Us- shows in LA and at Fullerton College

Vibeslayer- several shows in LA

The Living Dolls- 1 show at Lava Lounge, Hollywood

Mark Burgess of the band The Chameleons- 1 show at The Echo LA Weekly article about the show

Movin Train- Demo Sessions / One show at festival in Pico Rivera

Pretty Vicious- Recorded album Hollywood Forever / West Coast Tour / live on KXLU / shows in NYC

Ari Shine- 1 show at Mama Juana’s North Hollywood

David Wilson- or Rehearsals / Studio Demos

The Digs- Live Shows in LA / Demos

Faraway Places- 6 Live shows in Los Angeles

Jasha- 2 songs recorded with engineer Michael Belfer

KJ Ticehurst- Scared grounds coffee shop battle of the bands 2002

Sarah Taylor- Demo sessions.

Scott Watson- Recorded on Scott Watson self-titled album

Hexham Heads- 1 show a The Scene, Glendale and 1 show at Spaceland CD single "You make me feel like a ghost"

Sitcom Neighbor- Rehearsals

Sleepmask- Live shows in Los Angeles / Demo CD recordings. Opened for Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at Beauty Bar, Las Vegas 2008.

Alex Gordon- CMJ 2001 / several live shows in LA

Catherine Feeny- early demo sessions

Furry Things- 2 LP’s, 2 EP’s, several compilation’s on Trance Syndicate Records (Owner-King Coffey drummer for Butthole Surfers) 2 US tours, 1 West Coast Tour, SXSW 1994—1997 --

Hollowbody- Ex Poi Dog Pondering members, SXSW showcase, 2 live shows Austin, Texas

Jetpack- opened for Dick Dale at the Roxy / played KXLU 88.9 Los Angeles

Kristin King- sessions with engineer Ted Scarlet, many LA shows

Les Wilson- 2 song demo. 1 live show

Mannequin Zoo- 10 shows in the LA area.

Mondo Crescendo- US tour 1999 filling in for drummer Doug Armour

Rachel Haden- Early Demo’s

Raugust- Demo’s / many live show’s in LA

Sara Melson- 1 show at Knitting Factory, drum programming sessions

Tony Gilkyson- X, Lone Justice fame. One show live in L.A.

The Vines- showcase for Capitol Records at S.I.R., Hollywood

Pete McLeod- played percussion on Blue Café gig Hollywood,CA

[a] pendics.shuffle- drum sampling recording session

Microphone Test at Seedy Under Belly Recording Studio

Artichoke One show at Covina, CA Bike station opening.

Sara Radle Many Los Angeles Shows

LA Weekly article about my drumming

Soultone Cymbals Endorsement

Ryan Barr- filled in for absent drummer 6/4/10


Greed- rehearsals for live shows

Carlos Ordonez- Recording session for the single "Mi Mundo" w/ producer Josh Achziger

Tristan Norton- 2 songs on his Vestigial EP "Look at Me" and "A Veiled Statement"

Big Sister Sandwich- Many shows in the Dallas area, Split 7" CD single with Soylent Green, "Never Say Never" 7" and KVRX CD Compilation with song "As if"

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