Saturday, October 1, 2011

September Drumming

September has been a month of starting up new projects and scheduling up and coming tours and record releases for me. Bell Gardens record "A Series of Farewells" is projected to be released in the beginning of 2012, with a tour to follow. I will be hitting the road with
Drunk On Crutches in October/November 2011. Also I am recording with Laura Meyer, Red Sun Black Moon and Invitation to Love during the holiday's/new year.
Here is the link to the Kickstarter page for the The Last Two Step in Texas project by The Richie West Band that I am drumming for. Brittney Westover (The Damselles and the TC4) is putting together an amazing line-up of musicians to honor her fathers music.

Last months schedule: (remember I am not mentioning rehearsing with all other projects, just shows and when I start with a new project or studio session)

Sept. 2 Abe Lincoln Story @ Taix
Sept. 6 Abe Lincoln Story @ Harvard and Stone
Sept. 15 Started rehearsals with The Richie West Band
Sept. 23 Finished recording drum tracks for ALS record
Sept. 25 Started rehearsals with Drunk On Crutches

See you on the road!

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