Friday, May 21, 2010

Bell Gardens EP Release

Here are some reviews for the new Bell Gardens EP--Hangups Need Company. The EP was released on May 24 on Failed Better Records. Check out to buy tracks and see when we are playing!

Dissociated Press


Stars of the Lid And [a]pendics.shuffle Are Bell Gardens, Release EP


Charlie Richard Woodburn (Born on August 1st in Gainesville, Texas) is a session drummer in Los Angeles, California.

Charlie first started drumming at the age of 10 years old, on a tiny “disco beat” drum kit, then moved on to a real drumset at 15. Woodburn played in jazz band, marching band, and orchestra (and rock bands after school) all through out junior high and high school. Playing in high school jazz band while still in junior high was the first indication of serious devotion to the instrument.
In 1992, Charlie moved to Austin, Texas. He became part of the music scene quickly by joining the experimental rock band Furry Things (Trance Syndicate Records). Woodburn spent most of the 90’s touring and recording with the band.
In 1997, Charlie moved to Los Angeles CA to record what would be the last Furry Things record, the Brad Laner/ Ken Gibson produced album Moments Away. Soon after, the band broke up. FT’s bassist Cathy Shive suggested Charlie pursue a career in session drumming and that is what he did.
From the late 90’s to the present Charlie has played with many artists. Live one-off fill in gigs, tours, studio albums and demo’s. He has worked with Artichoke, Sara Radle, Meredith Meyer, Magic Wands, Brandon McCulloch, Sam Boxleitner, Sharon Temple, Scott Watson, Bell Gardens, Mark Burgess (Chameleons), Pretty Vicious, Ari Shine, Hexham Heads, The Digs, The Vines, Sara Melson, Pete McLeod, Men In Slippers and many many more.

Press for 2010

Here is some of the press so far for this year, more to come soon.

LA Weekly article about my drumming and influences:

Soultone Artist Profile:

Past and Upcoming Drumming Gigs 2010

Past Shows 2010:

Feb 02 w/ Hexham Heads @ Spaceland L.A, CA.

Feb 23 w/ Sara Radle at The Press in Claremont L.A., CA.

Feb 24 w/ Artichoke at Covina, CA Bikestation opening

March 26 w/ Bell Gardens at Spaceland (Radar Bros CD Release) L.A., CA.

April 2 w/ Sara Radle at Spaceland L.A., CA.

April 3 w/ Bell Gardens at Bootleg Thearte L.A., CA.

May 5 w/ Bell Gardens at Bootleg Thearte L.A., CA.

May 12 w/ Bell Gardens at
The Echo, LA

May 16th w/ Bell Gardens at Hotel Utah, SF

May 19th w/ Sara Radle at Spaceland, LA

Upcoming Shows:

July 25 w/ The Digs at The Grand Ole Echo, LA

August 2 w/ The Digs at The Cat Club for the IPO fest LA

Welcome to Charlie Wooodburn.Blogspot.Com

Hello All! This is my first blog post. I wanted to do a blog to keep a record of all the drumming stuff I do and to let other people that aren't on Facebook see what I am doing also. More soon....