Saturday, November 6, 2010

Rocktober in November

I seem to be doing my blog posts a month late! I post within the first or second week of the month after what I am talking about. ANYWHO! October was a month of recording and working on web stuff. I am still working on getting c w .com going. I have the domain, it's just the design I need help with, if you are reading this and are interested hit me up. So here is what I did in Oct. 2010.

Played a Halloween themed show with Hexham Heads at Spaceland on Oct. 5th

Sunbursts-played our first 3 shows ( Venice Bistro, Liquid Zoo and Echopulco-Halloween themed also!), have been recording demo's like mad, uping our web presence with facebook and website

I recorded two songs with Tristan Nortan.

I also recorded two songs with Bell Gardens.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

September 2010 was a busy month!

So it's been a while since I posted a blog entry. I was pretty busy in September. Like I said before on Facebook, soon I am going to give the blog a make over but haven't had the time. Also, it might be time to launch a website with the help of a friend or 2. I played a lot of shows, recorded some songs, went on 2 very strange auditions, talked to 3 different people/projects about recording in the future, played guitar on a song live (a first) and am practicing doing back-up vocals on 2 songs live (another first and yes playing the drums at the same time) So here are some links to check out the stuff that I was doing this last month:

Hexham Heads new single "You Make Me Feel Like A Ghost" and live video "Human Voices"

Sunbursts new website with upcoming show dates!

Bell Gardens video "Though The Rain"

Sara Radle's record 'Four' was released and we played a weekly Saturday night residency at Casey's Irish Pub in Downtown L.A.

I did some rehearsals with the hardcore punk band Greed

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Microphone test @ Seedy Underbelly studios

Microphone test @ Seedy Underbelly studios. Thanks to John, Atom, Kristin, Mark, Paul and Hunter for making this a great day. You can download Mp3's of me playing on the site also.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


My recent blog post in Modern Drummers web blog on 8/11/10 check it out:

Thank you Billy Amendola!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sessions 7/13/10

This is the uber session blog post today. I am going to give you a look into my world on drums. I would like to give a shout out to the bands / projects that i was not able to do or they were looking for a full time member. Thank you for considering me: Red Again, Mickey Meyer, Light FM, Future Sauce, Danny Rubins, Fontaine

Now, here is what I have been up to this month:

Bell Gardens -Starting back playing shows in late Aug.

Sara Radle - July 22 at Spaceland. Her record is out in Sept. :)

Hexham Heads -Rehearsals

The Digs -2 shows. The Grand Ole Echo on July 25 and IPO fest at The Cat Club Aug 2nd

Scott Watson- Just did a song at a studio in Echo Park on Thursday the 8th.

Sunbursts- New band, we are looking for a bass player and recording demo's.

Andrew Scott project, no name yet. Recording demo's.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I have been working with Chris and Ryan from A For Attack on a new project called Sunbursts. We need a bass player!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Session 6/20/10

Yesterday I did a demo session with the great guitarist Andrew Scott (Farflung) The session was at Bedrock rehearsal studios in Echo Park, CA. I havent heard it yet but I was told it turned out great.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Charlie Woodburn Session Drumming Resume

Session Drumming Resume

(I am sure there are somethings I have missed here but this covers alot)

Buffalo Roam- 2 shows at the Kibitz Room LA

Sharon Temple- 2 live shows Safari Sams and Bordello LA

Counsellor- Demo recordings / played on KXLU / Several Los Angeles shows

Greg Arrow- 1 song “Now Your Mine” recorded with producer Dennis Moody.

Bell Gardens- Recorded on the Album ‘Hang-ups Need Company’ coming out May 2010 LAWeekly article --

Meredith Meyer- 1 live show at Eagle Rock Lanes, LA

Love Lies Sleeping- 1 live show at Silverlake Lounge, LA

Sam Boxleitner- Rehearsals / Demos

Isha Ersikin- recorded one song “Along time Ago”

Magic Wands- Rehearsals for tour at Swing House, LA

Brandon McCulloch- Demos for newest album. 3 LA shows.

All of us/ None of Us- shows in LA and at Fullerton College

Vibeslayer- several shows in LA

The Living Dolls- 1 show at Lava Lounge, Hollywood

Mark Burgess of the band The Chameleons- 1 show at The Echo LA Weekly article about the show

Movin Train- Demo Sessions / One show at festival in Pico Rivera

Pretty Vicious- Recorded album Hollywood Forever / West Coast Tour / live on KXLU / shows in NYC

Ari Shine- 1 show at Mama Juana’s North Hollywood

David Wilson- or Rehearsals / Studio Demos

The Digs- Live Shows in LA / Demos

Faraway Places- 6 Live shows in Los Angeles

Jasha- 2 songs recorded with engineer Michael Belfer

KJ Ticehurst- Scared grounds coffee shop battle of the bands 2002

Sarah Taylor- Demo sessions.

Scott Watson- Recorded on Scott Watson self-titled album

Hexham Heads- 1 show a The Scene, Glendale and 1 show at Spaceland CD single "You make me feel like a ghost"

Sitcom Neighbor- Rehearsals

Sleepmask- Live shows in Los Angeles / Demo CD recordings. Opened for Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at Beauty Bar, Las Vegas 2008.

Alex Gordon- CMJ 2001 / several live shows in LA

Catherine Feeny- early demo sessions

Furry Things- 2 LP’s, 2 EP’s, several compilation’s on Trance Syndicate Records (Owner-King Coffey drummer for Butthole Surfers) 2 US tours, 1 West Coast Tour, SXSW 1994—1997 --

Hollowbody- Ex Poi Dog Pondering members, SXSW showcase, 2 live shows Austin, Texas

Jetpack- opened for Dick Dale at the Roxy / played KXLU 88.9 Los Angeles

Kristin King- sessions with engineer Ted Scarlet, many LA shows

Les Wilson- 2 song demo. 1 live show

Mannequin Zoo- 10 shows in the LA area.

Mondo Crescendo- US tour 1999 filling in for drummer Doug Armour

Rachel Haden- Early Demo’s

Raugust- Demo’s / many live show’s in LA

Sara Melson- 1 show at Knitting Factory, drum programming sessions

Tony Gilkyson- X, Lone Justice fame. One show live in L.A.

The Vines- showcase for Capitol Records at S.I.R., Hollywood

Pete McLeod- played percussion on Blue Café gig Hollywood,CA

[a] pendics.shuffle- drum sampling recording session

Microphone Test at Seedy Under Belly Recording Studio

Artichoke One show at Covina, CA Bike station opening.

Sara Radle Many Los Angeles Shows

LA Weekly article about my drumming

Soultone Cymbals Endorsement

Ryan Barr- filled in for absent drummer 6/4/10


Greed- rehearsals for live shows

Carlos Ordonez- Recording session for the single "Mi Mundo" w/ producer Josh Achziger

Tristan Norton- 2 songs on his Vestigial EP "Look at Me" and "A Veiled Statement"

Big Sister Sandwich- Many shows in the Dallas area, Split 7" CD single with Soylent Green, "Never Say Never" 7" and KVRX CD Compilation with song "As if"

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Session 6/4/10

Session yesterday with Ryan Barr .Playing along with a click track to electronica, synthy, new wave style tracks. Good stuff.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Bell Gardens EP Release

Here are some reviews for the new Bell Gardens EP--Hangups Need Company. The EP was released on May 24 on Failed Better Records. Check out to buy tracks and see when we are playing!

Dissociated Press


Stars of the Lid And [a]pendics.shuffle Are Bell Gardens, Release EP


Charlie Richard Woodburn (Born on August 1st in Gainesville, Texas) is a session drummer in Los Angeles, California.

Charlie first started drumming at the age of 10 years old, on a tiny “disco beat” drum kit, then moved on to a real drumset at 15. Woodburn played in jazz band, marching band, and orchestra (and rock bands after school) all through out junior high and high school. Playing in high school jazz band while still in junior high was the first indication of serious devotion to the instrument.
In 1992, Charlie moved to Austin, Texas. He became part of the music scene quickly by joining the experimental rock band Furry Things (Trance Syndicate Records). Woodburn spent most of the 90’s touring and recording with the band.
In 1997, Charlie moved to Los Angeles CA to record what would be the last Furry Things record, the Brad Laner/ Ken Gibson produced album Moments Away. Soon after, the band broke up. FT’s bassist Cathy Shive suggested Charlie pursue a career in session drumming and that is what he did.
From the late 90’s to the present Charlie has played with many artists. Live one-off fill in gigs, tours, studio albums and demo’s. He has worked with Artichoke, Sara Radle, Meredith Meyer, Magic Wands, Brandon McCulloch, Sam Boxleitner, Sharon Temple, Scott Watson, Bell Gardens, Mark Burgess (Chameleons), Pretty Vicious, Ari Shine, Hexham Heads, The Digs, The Vines, Sara Melson, Pete McLeod, Men In Slippers and many many more.

Press for 2010

Here is some of the press so far for this year, more to come soon.

LA Weekly article about my drumming and influences:

Soultone Artist Profile:

Past and Upcoming Drumming Gigs 2010

Past Shows 2010:

Feb 02 w/ Hexham Heads @ Spaceland L.A, CA.

Feb 23 w/ Sara Radle at The Press in Claremont L.A., CA.

Feb 24 w/ Artichoke at Covina, CA Bikestation opening

March 26 w/ Bell Gardens at Spaceland (Radar Bros CD Release) L.A., CA.

April 2 w/ Sara Radle at Spaceland L.A., CA.

April 3 w/ Bell Gardens at Bootleg Thearte L.A., CA.

May 5 w/ Bell Gardens at Bootleg Thearte L.A., CA.

May 12 w/ Bell Gardens at
The Echo, LA

May 16th w/ Bell Gardens at Hotel Utah, SF

May 19th w/ Sara Radle at Spaceland, LA

Upcoming Shows:

July 25 w/ The Digs at The Grand Ole Echo, LA

August 2 w/ The Digs at The Cat Club for the IPO fest LA

Welcome to Charlie Wooodburn.Blogspot.Com

Hello All! This is my first blog post. I wanted to do a blog to keep a record of all the drumming stuff I do and to let other people that aren't on Facebook see what I am doing also. More soon....