Monday, July 28, 2014

June/July Summer Drumming

Hey there I'm back after a small hiatus from writing in my blog. Here's the drum happenings since the beginning of Summer and a couple of week's back to the beginning of June. I did a lot of recording and one off shows in June which was fun. July brought several new artists to work with which was very challenging and satisfying.
One of the highlights was playing The Levitt Pavilion free concert series with my band Bell Gardens. Here are some photos taken by Melissa Wilson and Shon Sullivan
August looks to be shaping up nicely! More recording (which I love) and some other surprises too. So see you back here at the blog soon! Here was my schedule since June 4th:

6/4 Bonfire Beach at The Satellite
6/14 Ryan Traster Record Release at The Satellite
6/15 Blue Eyed Son at San Deigo County Fair
6/16 Record with Vega Schenk
6/19 Bell Gardens at Levitt Pavilion Pasadena
6/21 Matt Van Winkle Band at The Muddy Leek, Culver City

7/2 Bonfire Beach at The Complex
7/4 Magic Wands at The Bootleg Theatre
7/6 Cashew and Cleary at The Grand Ole Echo
7/8 Magic Wands at The Echoplex
7/10 Bonfire Beach at Del Mar Speakeasy, Venice CA
7/12 Matt Van Winkle Band at Summer Solstice Skyline Party
7/17 Record with Christian Deitch at Bedrock Studio's
7/21 Bonfire Beach at Harvard and Stone
7/22 Session with Susan Tunney
7/23 Record Precussion for Christian Deitch Record
7/25 Session with Mike Monosky