Monday, June 2, 2014

April/May Drumming Blog Post

Hello All! I'm writing today to get you caught up in my drumming world. I've become off by half a month in writing so now I'm getting back on!
There were a lot of schedule conflicts the last 2 months where I was not able to play with some artists but I'm sure I will play with them in the future. Specifically, John Wolf's Math and Science's band, Charlie Clark and Miranda Lee Richards. Also, it didn't work out but I almost toured with The Telescopes and played a show with LSD and The Search For God. Come to think of it, I was up to tour with Dean Wareham and play with Tom Jones too! Just goes to show how my little world goes sometimes. But no worries, there are plenty of great shows and gigs coming up this Summer and Fall. And I bet I will record or tour with some of these artists just mentioned in the future and/or other amazing opportunities! OK here is what I have been up to:

April 20 St. Timothy's Easter Church gig
April 27 Bonfire Beach at Los Globos opening for David J (Love and Rockets)
April 28 Bonfire Beach at The Church on York

May 1 Bonfire Beach at Harvard and Stone
May 3 Magic Wands recording at Redbull Studio's Santa Monica
May 6 Bonfire Beach at The Virgil (All Scene Eye Event)
May 7 Recorded with Sister Mystery
May 11 Recorded with Sister Mystery
May 18 Record with Composer Inon Zur for movie soundtrack
May 23 Magic Wands at The Troubadour
May 30 Matt Van Winkle Band at Taix

June 1 Caitlin Ann Wester at The Grand Ole Echo