Monday, April 14, 2014

January through April Drumming!

Hello all! Today I have a chance to sit down and write my blog. I've been busy since January and have not have a chance to write. I know it's the middle of the month and I usually do it at the end of the month but I need to take this opportunity to do it. If you have any questions please write them to me in the comments section below. Oh yeah and here is picture of me playing Coachella's Vestal Village party with Bonfire Beach:

Jan. 1st: Record with Red Sun Red Sea
Jan. 4th: The Ritchie West Band for The John Ennis Show at The Steve Allen Theatre
Jan. 5th: Matt Van Winkle at The Escondite
Jan. 10th:  The Abe Lincoln Story at Taix
Jan. 16th:  Bonfire Beach at Loaded, Hollywood
Jan. 25th: Bonfire Beach at The Satellite

Feb. 1st: The Ritchie West Band at The Steve Allen Theatre
Feb. 2nd: Matt Van Winkle at The Escondite
Feb. 5th -7th: Record with Magic Wands at Redbull Studio's Santa Monica
Feb. 10th: Bonfire Beach at Bardot, Hollywood
Feb. 11th: Magic Wands at Harvard and Stone
Feb. 20th: Bell Gardens played live on online radio show
Feb. 21st: Cashew and Cleary at The Echo Country Outpost
Feb. 25th: Bell Gardens at Hyperion and Hi Bias Music showcase/courtyard party

March 5th: Cashew and Cleary at The Standard, West Hollywood
March 13th: Commercial music recording with Producer Dain Luscombe
March 15th: Magic Wands at Insert Coin in Las Vegas, NV Redbull Racing Party
March 17th: Magic Wands at The Standard Downtown LA
March 20th: Bonfire Beach at The Troubadour
March 27th: Magic Wands at Los Globos
March 29th: Bonfire Beach at The Rock Formations Fest at The Palms Restaurant in Wonder Valley

April 5th: The Ritchie West Band at The Steve Allen Theatre for The John Ennis Country Show
April 9th: Record with Blue Eyed Son at The Ship Studio in Eagle Rock, CA
April 11th: Bonfire Beach at The Vestal Village party at Coachella Indio, CA

There's more gig's to come this month and I will post them on the next blog I do. Until then, here is my updated information for session drumming. Take Care!

Charlie Woodburn/Session Drummer
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