Wednesday, May 25, 2011

April and May drumming

It's been two month's now that I haven't written in the blog because well, there hasn't been alot going on, which is sort of a lie HAHAHA. Not much moonlighting on drums but LOTS of Bell Gardens going's on.

Lesson's have been going well. Also I played on some more Lenny Pop's songs and some commercial stuff coming up soon.

I played a show with The Sara Radle Band at The Satellite (formerly Spaceland) opening for Walking Sleeps residency on April 18th

Played with Bell Gardens at The Echo opening for Dirty Beaches on April 28th

I have been doing a lot of demo recording with Bell Garden too. At practice space's, home studio's and out in the desert in 29 Palms (fun weekend).

Also coming up soon Bell Gardens is playing at the Satellite with Damon and Naomi and Amor de Dias on June 4th, should be a good one.

Stay tuned: Alot more sessions coming up this Summer! Me coming to a club near you! :)

P.S. I was at The Silverlake Jubilee this past weekend and about 6 or 7 people asked me if I was playing or they had just seen me play! Wow, I get around. I think people thought I was the drummer in the Black Apples. I think.