Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sessions 7/13/10

This is the uber session blog post today. I am going to give you a look into my world on drums. I would like to give a shout out to the bands / projects that i was not able to do or they were looking for a full time member. Thank you for considering me: Red Again, Mickey Meyer, Light FM, Future Sauce, Danny Rubins, Fontaine

Now, here is what I have been up to this month:

Bell Gardens -Starting back playing shows in late Aug.

Sara Radle - July 22 at Spaceland. Her record is out in Sept. :)

Hexham Heads -Rehearsals

The Digs -2 shows. The Grand Ole Echo on July 25 and IPO fest at The Cat Club Aug 2nd

Scott Watson- Just did a song at a studio in Echo Park on Thursday the 8th.

Sunbursts- New band, we are looking for a bass player and recording demo's.

Andrew Scott project, no name yet. Recording demo's.