Saturday, November 6, 2010

Rocktober in November

I seem to be doing my blog posts a month late! I post within the first or second week of the month after what I am talking about. ANYWHO! October was a month of recording and working on web stuff. I am still working on getting c w .com going. I have the domain, it's just the design I need help with, if you are reading this and are interested hit me up. So here is what I did in Oct. 2010.

Played a Halloween themed show with Hexham Heads at Spaceland on Oct. 5th

Sunbursts-played our first 3 shows ( Venice Bistro, Liquid Zoo and Echopulco-Halloween themed also!), have been recording demo's like mad, uping our web presence with facebook and website

I recorded two songs with Tristan Nortan.

I also recorded two songs with Bell Gardens.