Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I have been working with Chris and Ryan from A For Attack on a new project called Sunbursts. We need a bass player!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Session 6/20/10

Yesterday I did a demo session with the great guitarist Andrew Scott (Farflung) The session was at Bedrock rehearsal studios in Echo Park, CA. I havent heard it yet but I was told it turned out great.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Charlie Woodburn Session Drumming Resume

Session Drumming Resume

(I am sure there are somethings I have missed here but this covers alot)

Buffalo Roam- www.myspace.com/buffaloroam 2 shows at the Kibitz Room LA

Sharon Temple- www.myspace.com/sharontemple 2 live shows Safari Sams and Bordello LA

Counsellor- Demo recordings / played on KXLU / Several Los Angeles shows

Greg Arrow- www.myspace.com/gregarrowdemo 1 song “Now Your Mine” recorded with producer Dennis Moody. www.dennismoody.com

Bell Gardens- www.myspace.com/bellgardensmusic Recorded on the Album ‘Hang-ups Need Company’ coming out May 2010 LAWeekly article -- www.laweekly.com/2009-06-18/music/kenneth-james-gibson-hollywood-shuffler/1

Meredith Meyer- www.myspace.com/meredithmeyer 1 live show at Eagle Rock Lanes, LA

Love Lies Sleeping- www.myspace.com/lovelies 1 live show at Silverlake Lounge, LA

Sam Boxleitner- www.myspace.com/boxleitnermusic Rehearsals / Demos

Isha Ersikin- www.myspace.com/isha_is_a_musicain recorded one song “Along time Ago”

Magic Wands- www.myspace.com/themagicwands Rehearsals for tour at Swing House, LA

Brandon McCulloch- www.myspace.com/thedeadbirds Demos for newest album. 3 LA shows.

All of us/ None of Us- www.myspace.com/allofusnoneofus shows in LA and at Fullerton College

Vibeslayer- www.myspace.com/vibeslayer several shows in LA

The Living Dolls- www.myspace.com/livingdolls 1 show at Lava Lounge, Hollywood

Mark Burgess of the band The Chameleons- www.myspace.com/thechameleons 1 show at The Echo http://www.last.fm/music/Mark+Burgess LA Weekly article about the show http://blogs.laweekly.com/westcoastsound/synthful/mark-burgess/

Movin Train- Demo Sessions / One show at festival in Pico Rivera

Pretty Vicious- http://www.last.fm/music/Pretty%2520Vicious?ac=Pretty%2... Recorded album Hollywood Forever / West Coast Tour / live on KXLU / shows in NYC http://www.laalternative.com/index.php/2006/04/21/kicking-the-jinx/

Ari Shine- www.myspace.com/arishine 1 show at Mama Juana’s North Hollywood

David Wilson- www.myspace.com/dwilssound or www.dwils.com Rehearsals / Studio Demos

The Digs- www.myspace.com/thedigsband Live Shows in LA / Demos

Faraway Places- www.myspace.com/thefarawayplaces 6 Live shows in Los Angeles

Jasha- 2 songs recorded with engineer Michael Belfer

KJ Ticehurst- Scared grounds coffee shop battle of the bands 2002

Sarah Taylor- www.myspace.com/lesenfantsterribles23 Demo sessions.

Scott Watson- www.myspace.com/artistsmartist Recorded on Scott Watson self-titled album

Hexham Heads- www.hexhamheads.com 1 show a The Scene, Glendale and 1 show at Spaceland CD single "You make me feel like a ghost"

Sitcom Neighbor- www.myspace.com/sitcomneighbor Rehearsals

Sleepmask- www.myspace.com/sleepmask Live shows in Los Angeles / Demo CD recordings. Opened for Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at Beauty Bar, Las Vegas 2008.

Alex Gordon- www.alexgordon.com CMJ 2001 / several live shows in LA

Catherine Feeny- www.myspace.com/catherinefeeny early demo sessions

Furry Things- www.myspace.com/furrythings4 2 LP’s, 2 EP’s, several compilation’s on Trance Syndicate Records (Owner-King Coffey drummer for Butthole Surfers) 2 US tours, 1 West Coast Tour, SXSW 1994—1997 http://www.last.fm/music/Furry+Things --


Hollowbody- Ex Poi Dog Pondering members, SXSW showcase, 2 live shows Austin, Texas

Jetpack- www.pascalrecords.com opened for Dick Dale at the Roxy / played KXLU 88.9 Los Angeles

Kristin King- sessions with engineer Ted Scarlet, many LA shows

Les Wilson- 2 song demo. 1 live show

Mannequin Zoo- 10 shows in the LA area.

Mondo Crescendo- www.answer.com/topic/the-mondo-crescendo US tour 1999 filling in for drummer Doug Armour

Rachel Haden- www.myspace.com/rachelhaden Early Demo’s

Raugust- www.myspace.com/raugustrecords Demo’s / many live show’s in LA

Sara Melson- www.myspace.com/saramelson 1 show at Knitting Factory, drum programming sessions

Tony Gilkyson- www.myspace.com/tonygilkyson X, Lone Justice fame. One show live in L.A.

The Vines- www.myspace.com/thevines showcase for Capitol Records at S.I.R., Hollywood

Pete McLeod- www.myspace.com/petesolomusic played percussion on Blue Café gig Hollywood,CA

[a] pendics.shuffle- www.myspace.com/eightfrozenmodules drum sampling recording session

Microphone Test at Seedy Under Belly Recording Studio http://recforums.prosoundweb.com/index.php/m/0/26028/2688/0/

Artichoke www.myspace.com/artichoketheband One show at Covina, CA Bike station opening.

Sara Radle www.myspace.com/sararadle Many Los Angeles Shows www.sararadle.com

LA Weekly article about my drumming http://blogs.laweekly.com/westcoastsound/interviews/favorite-drummers-charlie-wood/

Soultone Cymbals Endorsement http://www.soultonecymbals.com/ArtistDetail.aspx?ArtistID=488

Ryan Barr- www.myspace.com/ryanbarrmu filled in for absent drummer 6/4/10

Sunbursts- www.sunbursts.net

Greed- rehearsals for live shows

Carlos Ordonez- Recording session for the single "Mi Mundo" w/ producer Josh Achziger

Tristan Norton- 2 songs on his Vestigial EP "Look at Me" and "A Veiled Statement"http://soundcloud.com/avanttronic/sets/tristan-vestigial-ep/

Big Sister Sandwich- Many shows in the Dallas area, Split 7" CD single with Soylent Green, "Never Say Never" 7" and KVRX CD Compilation with song "As if"

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Session 6/4/10

Session yesterday with Ryan Barr .Playing along with a click track to electronica, synthy, new wave style tracks. Good stuff.